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Showing posts from May, 2006

Move for live

Yesterday I went to the opening night of Klaus Littmanns new art intervention: Move for live. Six different artists designed trucks that will travel 250'000 km around Europe - catching more than 25 million visitors each year. The topics are poverty, AIDS, racism, violence and environmental damage. I liked the idea of art being present on our streets (and not just art galleries and museums) as well as the pictures on the trucks. What you see here is a piece by Basel artist Xia Zheng. More trucks will be launched in Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, Madrid and Milan for up to 46 different trucks.

How SSL-evading Trojans work

Pretty scary article about how new SSL-evading trojans work. I'm going to use a live Linux CD to do my online banking from now on - and I'm going to tell my girlfriend how to do that too. A good start for live Linux is Knoppix and here is a list of other compilations. Simply boot from CD or DVD, start the browser and do your online banking. Since the CD or DVD is read-only you can't easily catch a virus. Another possibility would be to run the free VMware Player with the browser appliance virtual machine - but this requires installation of software.

Wise reuse of old compact discs

To prevent wild game from crossing the street when cars are approaching, CDs are hung at the streetside. Maybe this is a wise reuse of old AOL-CDs? Apparently, this actually reduces the number of accidents due to game crossing the street in front of cars.

Seen here: