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Book for Bush

The art project Book for Bush is seeking the unfiltered input of people on the current US president - an idea I like, since George Bush actions influence people all over the world. The social networking part, where the best article (by votes) is published on the first page is a great idea. However, I don't like the paying part for an article (2$ for 200 characters - without spaces and then 1 cent for every 5 additional characters). And I fear that the book could be misused. I'll be watching. Here a link to a blog with pictures of the book. (Image credit: Baslerstab)

Why does Microsoft make it so hard?

Yesterday, I spent a few hours reinstalling Windows XP Home Edition [1] on my fathers computer. Thanks to MSDN, I was able to download a slipstreamed XP Home with SP2 in it (otherwise I would just slipstream it myself) and I also burned a CD with all essential tools and programs (AV, etc). But what I'm missing is a way to download and burn the security patches Microsoft published since SP2. Microsoft is relying on people like myself providing tech support for friends and family - and I don't understand why they can't make it easier for all of us to provide that support (which, by the way I regard as some sort of internet-community service - one virus and malware ridden computer less on the internet sending you spam and viruses).

What I'm looking for is a website where I can specify what type of system I want to install (in my case Windows XP Home Edition German SP2) and download all the patches available for that system. If a simple script would be provided to install t…

Eye-catching accident prevention poster

The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention bfu has an eye-catching poster. It says: "To prevent accidents becoming horror (stories): Wear a bycicle helmet." Link to .pdf (144k)