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Clever Swiss

There seems to be a debate whether Google should censor images of an Australian nuclear power plant due to fear of terrorism. I grew up in the vincinity of three nuclear power plants and of course I wanted to know if there are images of those on Apart from the satellite picture not being very high resolution - even the Swiss flight pictures on are not revealing at all - because the steam cloud is covering most of the interesting bits. (However, other plants are clearly visible.) Which brings to my second point: Blurring or hiding this information from public display is plainly stupid. Security does not work through obscurity.

Stupid domain hijackers

Today, I wanted to look at some new car picture and entered in my browser's address bar. However some dimwit Swiss search portal provider decided, that it might be a clever trick to lure me to their me-too portal website. Hey, do they really think I want to go through their portal when I entered a completely different address? How can people be so stupid and think they can trap people to use their services? This is one of the most imbecile marketing tricks. I will never, never ever click a link on one of those sites. Even if it would interest me.

Young Boys Wankdorf Erection Relief

Now this is simply hilarious! Via BoingBoing...

Moment of unfortunate news headline zen: "Xeni Jardin: Young Boys Wankdorf Erection Relief is the title of a surprisingly worksafe news article on ESPN's "soccernet" site about a new stadium for a Swiss soccer team. Link. (Thanks, Ben Lee)

Using fishes to ensure quality of drinking water

Inspired through BoingBoing.
In Switzerland, fishes are still used to check the quality of drinking water. When water is contaminated with something that kills the fish, an automatic alarm is triggered. Pretty neat usage - does this comply as "animal testing"? (Image Source).
Edit 20-Sep-2006: Added Trackback to a new BoingBoing.

Does IBM really know what they are talking about?

Here they write "While other electronic forms vendors embrace XML standards, PureEdge remains the only electronic forms developer whose products do not tie customers to use of proprietary Windows-centric technologies."

But on the Press release itself: "PureEdge provides a business process automation framework composed of products, partnerships and services to create, manage and deploy XML forms-based processes."

What does "embrace XML standards" have to do with "Windows-centric technologies"?