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DRM for media will fail

No universal panacea here
RSA 2005 Movie industry representatives at RSA 2005 in San Francisco today called on the IT industry for help in thwarting illegal file sharing before the problem threatened its revenues. But they were told that they must recognise the limitations of digital rights management in their fight against digital piracy.[The Register]

Another proof that DRM systems cannot work

If you can listen, you can record. A computer is a wonderful piece of equipment made to rearrange bits and bytes. Somebody selling DRM-"protected" music has to provide content and keys to the potential attacker. That's why these systems will never work and this is the reason for ridiculous laws like DMCA - a law that fixes technology that doesn't work that was invented because record companies fail to adapt their business case to new technology. Sigh.

Mark Frauenfelder:

"Marv on record" provides the how to on some "Theoretical fun" for legally getting hundreds of Napster music CDs for the price of the blank CDs. Link
[Boing Boing]

Microsoft misplacing Swiss capital Bern in Russia

The Microsoft advertising campaign for Windows Server System using the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs as a headline is remarkeable in one sense:

Although, for sure, operations for this department run out of Swiss capital in Bern, the advertisements graphics point to somewhere near Moscow.

Microsoft misplacing Swiss capital Bern in Russia

Now we are aware that some people in US confuse Switzerland with Sweden - but placing Switzerland east of Germany is something completely new.

Please, Microsoft, update the flash movie - or maybe they have been using Microsoft Map to find Bern.

Pretty Funny Rocky spoof

David Pescovitz:
This video spoof of a Rocky "training montage" is so stupidly funny and over the top that I love it. The best part is that it goes on and on. And to set the mood, here's Sylvester Stallone on the "Gonna Fly Now" training montage from the first Rocky film:
The training montage was something that I had been building toward for six months. I knew I would have to do what every fighter must to get himself in peak condition, but I wanted to do it in even a more exaggerated form.
Link(Thanks, Professor Cupcake)

[Boing Boing]