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Another proof that DRM systems cannot work

If you can listen, you can record. A computer is a wonderful piece of equipment made to rearrange bits and bytes. Somebody selling DRM-"protected" music has to provide content and keys to the potential attacker. That's why these systems will never work and this is the reason for ridiculous laws like DMCA - a law that fixes technology that doesn't work that was invented because record companies fail to adapt their business case to new technology. Sigh.

Mark Frauenfelder:

 Marv Images 252

"Marv on record" provides the how to on some "Theoretical fun" for legally getting hundreds of Napster music CDs for the price of the blank CDs. Link
[Boing Boing]
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LOL; that is a very nice idea; wouldn't it be great if the boxes were recycled ones? I don't really like my pizzas come in boxes, because they always taste like the box...

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