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The seduction of "good enough"

Seth Godin once again speaks from my heart. I think that good enough is far away from being sufficient anymore. Think about common household goods: The current business plan for creators of measuring cups and other household items is: cheap, one size fits all and throw away in two years to buy again. I recently was at the local IKEA to buy a new measuring jug, but they only had cups with metric and imperial measurement system - and none of them were made of glass, all plastic. I don't want another measuring systems on my cup. This may sound narrow-minded, but I regard those different systems utterly confusing - especially when I'm cooking. I addition, the letters on these plastic cups vanish after a year or two. I went and ordered a glass measuring jug, made from Jena glass in Germany. It wasn't expensive. And it feels light and solid. It's made in Europe. It only has metric marks on it. It will be good for a lifetime. That's a product, that can't be made any b…

Apple switching to Intel CPUs

I really don't see what the fuss is about. Macintouch claims the announcement does "represent a radical change in the Macintosh platform." Come on. The CPU of the box does not matter all. Hey, I'm a computer geek and I don't care a bit what CPU my laptop is running on. And I am very suprised to hear that all those creative and free thinking Apple users should care. Apple does a very good job in creating very nice hardware along good software. The CPU is the least bit that should matter when buying an Apple computer

Marketing for Longhorn

This is a great idea. Imagine Microsofts huge partner-network being actively involved. We are a small system integrator in Switzerland and we would love to have a walk-in migration day (or week) where poeple could bring their PCs, play with their children on the new XBox 360 and wait until their PC is migrated. Additionaly, maybe other software vendors could provide free or cheap upgrades so people can expirience the latest and greatest features of their products. That would certainly healp to create passionate windows users. And maybe make the internet a little more secure.

What I would do: In other words, when Longhorn ships, I'd have an outdated PC update program. You bring in your old, running, Internet-capable machine running Windows 95 or 98, and MS moves your files and apps over onto a new low-end white box PC. No charge..

ASP.NET and IIS Serve More Fortune 1000 Sites than Any Other Web Server Technologies...

Seems that Microsoft IIS has more than 50% of market share of the Fortune 1000 companies web servers. There are customers I talk to who claim that using windows on DMZ servers requires a lot more effort for updating on security patches. I don't agree - I believe there is no such thing as an effortless infrastructure. You anyway have to maintain it and you have to look after your servers regularly. If you do a proper architecture (load-balanced, clustered) and assign the needed resource to review, test and deploy patches, then the decision of which operating system to use becomes neglible.

Direct link: Port80Software

I remember there was once a review on how many Websites that provide TLS (formerly known as SSL) are hosted on which platform. I remember IIS being a leader there, too.

ASP.NET and IIS Serve More Fortune 1000 Sites than Any Other Web Server Technologies...: First Survey of U.S. Corporate Application Server and Scripting Deployments Reveals Microsoft Ahead of Competing …