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Marketing for Longhorn

This is a great idea. Imagine Microsofts huge partner-network being actively involved. We are a small system integrator in Switzerland and we would love to have a walk-in migration day (or week) where poeple could bring their PCs, play with their children on the new XBox 360 and wait until their PC is migrated. Additionaly, maybe other software vendors could provide free or cheap upgrades so people can expirience the latest and greatest features of their products. That would certainly healp to create passionate windows users. And maybe make the internet a little more secure.

What I would do:
In other words, when Longhorn ships, I'd have an outdated PC update program. You bring in your old, running, Internet-capable machine running Windows 95 or 98, and MS moves your files and apps over onto a new low-end white box PC. No charge..
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Sony is evil

I just so agree with Todd:

Bad Company of the Year Award!:The company that I am putting at the top of my list is a 4 letter word so foul, that it has been banned from my home. I have asked my wife who is Japanese to refrain from buying any of their products for the next 5 years. The Bad company of the year is no other than SONY…
Sony is just a big no-buy company. My girlfriend knows why Sony is evil and we both will rather buy a more expensive or less appealing product from a competitor. "Sony is evil" has only 726 hits on Google, but this will increase.

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Just stumbled upon this stat:


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(Source of population  data:

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