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HP Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition support policiy: beyond comprehension

As you can see, HP does only support Windows 2003 Standard Edition on their DL 320 Server. I wonder why that is. As far as I know, there are not that many differences between the two editions - especially in terms of hardware support - that would justify this difference. Is this some scheme to force people to buy new hardware just because the old one is not supported anymore? I guess we'll have to evaluate different vendors and their support policy.

Audio-Update (2)

As promised – here the details of my undertaking regarding my CD collection. One day I really got fed up for having to keep a huge rack of CDs in my living room. It just doesn’t look good. And I don’t really like handling the CDs. So I decided to rip them all. I already started with some CDs using Windows Media Player and an mp3 codec with 320bit/s setting. But I didn’t like the quality. After some research regarding lossless audio codecs, I decided upon FLAC (free lossless audio codec). Here’s why:
wave format does not support tagging (song title, etc) and is creates huge files
mp3 and other “lossy” formats: the quality is not good enough for me
wma format: has DRM in it and I simply do not trust Microsoft in this matterFLAC has all benefits I was looking for:
free, open source format, no DRM
lossless compression
support for tags
available on all platformsThen I went ahead and searched for a tool that supports ripping CDs and automatically compressing and tagging the resulting files. Exact …

Audio-Update (1)

Slow blogging, as I'm still ripping all my CDs. The Squeezebox2 is one of the most amazing little devices I ever bought. Fast, solid and amazingly open. More to come...