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ASP.NET and IIS Serve More Fortune 1000 Sites than Any Other Web Server Technologies...

Seems that Microsoft IIS has more than 50% of market share of the Fortune 1000 companies web servers. There are customers I talk to who claim that using windows on DMZ servers requires a lot more effort for updating on security patches. I don't agree - I believe there is no such thing as an effortless infrastructure. You anyway have to maintain it and you have to look after your servers regularly. If you do a proper architecture (load-balanced, clustered) and assign the needed resource to review, test and deploy patches, then the decision of which operating system to use becomes neglible.

Direct link: Port80Software

I remember there was once a review on how many Websites that provide TLS (formerly known as SSL) are hosted on which platform. I remember IIS being a leader there, too.

ASP.NET and IIS Serve More Fortune 1000 Sites than Any Other Web Server Technologies...:

First Survey of U.S. Corporate Application Server and Scripting Deployments Reveals Microsoft Ahead of Competing Web Platforms

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