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Microsoft Research darknet paper

Anynone interested in technology and future of DRM and file sharing should read this Microsoft Research Paper.

Additionally here is Cory Doctorow's speech to Microsoft Research, referencing the darknet paper.

Some Comments:

Boing Boing: MSFT's Darknet paper: must read


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LOL; that is a very nice idea; wouldn't it be great if the boxes were recycled ones? I don't really like my pizzas come in boxes, because they always taste like the box...

Dark Twonky writes "Human Beans is selling the perfect gift for the geek who has everything. It's the PowerPizza, a pizza box for transporting your precious laptop in. From the web site: Desirable laptops are desirable to thieves too. Disguise your laptop with a PowerPizza and reduce the risk of getting it nicked." [Slashdot]