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Boing boing on Blinde Kuh

There is now also a "Blinde Kuh" (blind cow) restaurant in Basel. (Site in german only). There seems to be also some cultural program, including music, theater and radio plays.

Xeni Jardin:
Boing Boing reader and radio producer Adam Burke did a nifty story for NPR's Morning Edition about a restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland called the Blind Cow. Diners eat in complete darkness and are served by blind waitresses. "It's an extraordinary experience that I really loved," says Adam. Link.

Reader Anne Kinner says,

As soon as I saw this Boing Boing post, I remembered a video that I watched about Berlin in preparation for my trip there which featured a similar restaurant. I tracked it down through Google and found an article from the Financial Times (Link). The article states that the first Unsicht ("invisible bar") opened in Cologne in 2001. There seems to be quite a bit of info Google wise and is incredibly interesting. It seems, from articles and the video I watched, that the goal is trying to make people concentrate on the flavor, the texture, and the experience of food. Perhaps hinges on the concept that if you lose one sense, another will be heightened.

Reader Bruno says,

Update to the "eating without seeing story": the "Dans le Noir" restaurant in Paris exists since 1999, and is the "father" of Zurich's Blind Cow: Link

Reader Jed says:

Here is a review of a "dark dining" restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, that also touches on the history of "dark dining" -- Link.

[Boing Boing]
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