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Porta Alpina

In Switzerland, a new flat rail link through the alps is being built. This includes a total of 157 km (97 miles) of tunnels, where the new tunnel through the Gotthard with 57 km (35 miles) will be the longest tunnel in the world (to be finished in 2015). To build this tunnel, one subsection below Sedrun is accessed via a vertical drift. The original plan foresaw an emergency stop at the site. However, the Swiss assembly has just approved pre-investment to create a permanent mid-tunnel train station with an 900 m (2953 feet) elevator to the heart of the alps. This would create the deepest train station with the longest elevator in the longest tunnel in the world. (Movie, QuickTime, German)


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LOL; that is a very nice idea; wouldn't it be great if the boxes were recycled ones? I don't really like my pizzas come in boxes, because they always taste like the box...

Dark Twonky writes "Human Beans is selling the perfect gift for the geek who has everything. It's the PowerPizza, a pizza box for transporting your precious laptop in. From the web site: Desirable laptops are desirable to thieves too. Disguise your laptop with a PowerPizza and reduce the risk of getting it nicked." [Slashdot]