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Bush administration afraid of science

NOAA has consistently discounted any connection to global warming in its scientific summaries about the record number and destructiveness of hurricanes in 2005, despite ample evidence of a likely connection from other leading climate scientists. On Wednesday, NOAA announced that several of its scientists disagreed with that official position.
It is so amazing, that the current US government is afraid scientific research that it tries to silence research about global warming and health issues. Isn't the government there to protect and serve their people? I don't think global warming is directly causing natural disasters, but if there is any evidence that changing our behaviour today could make this world a safer and healthier place for our children should not suppressed.
The United States is entering into an era where faith is more important than fact and dissent is considered betrayal, he said. When it comes to research, the current administration has gone well beyond the traditional practice of politicians fudging the numbers to get the results they want, Lapham noted.

"If science doesn't prove what it's been told to prove, then they (the Bush administration) believe it has been tampered with by Satan or the Democratic Party," he said.
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